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‘Comfort is overrated, being quiet is comfortable, keeping things the way they’ve been is comfortable and all comfort is done is maintain the statusquo. So we have got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable by speaking these hard truths when they are necessary.’ – Luvie Ajayi

Finding Clarity of Process Through Uncertainty

Finding Clarity of Process Through Uncertainty


If you want to own a mansion, start by building a hut.

A life of clarity and intention takes commitment, discipline, focusing on what truly matters, and getting rid of doubts and distractions. Clarity makes things easier and when you get clear on where you want to go, the things you need to do, and how you want your life to be, you will live with intentionality and focus on the progress of your process.


The truth about clarity

It is an ongoing process that occurs throughout the journey of life. It is not straight up fixed or guaranteed on the go, but it occurs at one point or the other in time.

  • Clarity is an ongoing process of time; the more you act on a goal even before you are ready, the clearer the picture gets along the way.
  • It entails taking small steps, one at a time to gradually build up to a whole.
  • Accessing clarity drills you to learn and become better.
  • In order to get clear about where you need to go, you don’t need to have some grand move or idea before you hit that goal.
  • If your goals only occur within you, without enabling by doing, growing into clarity may not occur.
  • Clarity will not occur if one remains stuck; you have to find out what works and don’t. It will not get clear if you don’t address it.


Steps to finding clarity through uncertainty

Clarity can be attained by a course of action; doing and trying things, finding what can work. The attention span now is getting higher every day but we need to learn how to choose what truly matters, that serves us. Here are ways to attain clarity of thought and action.

─   Start even before you are ready, prepare yourself for the task, and practice it to fulfillment.

─  Try things, this will help you find out if something is worth your time and attention. Sometimes we develop an interest in things we see others achieve but it may not necessarily be the thing that we enjoy when we get to it or the thing that is for us. Trying helps you discover more about your skill level and prepares you to learn on the go.

─  Small baby steps; it is better to focus on one thing at a time, taking measured baby steps that would lead to a final whole than try to do everything at once, in one giant sweep. The result always ends with getting overwhelmed and burnt out.

─  Eliminate distractions; be present in the moment and cut out the things that may distract you from starting. Sometimes it is not that we lack the direction, we are just too distracted by many things going on around us. There needs to be an inward focus that will motivate your will to actualize. Even when there are things to worry about, you just have to keep it going, because there is always light at the end of that tunnel.

─ Write it down: Great ideas and things cannot survive only up in your head, there needs to be a let a way that helps you visualize it. A good practice is to always write your ideas and thought processes down as it gives you a clearer picture of where you need to go. It could also birth new ideas and strategies that can take you a step further into your goals. As the thought occurs each day, as the inspiration comes, put them down on paper, act through it, and watch it come to manifestation.

With these steps, take measurable actions to address your plans, one at a time. Where you want to go will get clearer but first, you need to find out what you truly want, and then, you need to get started.

Do let me know if you are taking measured steps to attain clarity!




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To discern the workings of time is to be grateful for how far you have come through than to worry about how far you still need to go. Trust your own process. Trust the timing of your life. To do this takes great courage, faith, patience. And one of the things to know first is to understand and accept your own working realities of the time placed before you. The time you are now is your getting ready and it comes with a lot of waiting.

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