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‘Comfort is overrated, being quiet is comfortable, keeping things the way they’ve been is comfortable and all comfort is done is maintain the statusquo. So we have got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable by speaking these hard truths when they are necessary.’ – Luvie Ajayi


.Welcome to the fuel for your life’s journey, thanks for being here.

I’m Enny Cole. A writer, educator, and visual artist cum photog based in Dallas. Using style inspo, storytelling, inspired discourse, and performance art to guide thought processes towards intentional living.

Trapped in a spinning mind and craving for finesse, I started Snippets blog in 2013 as a journey for a purpose-driven life and medium to express thought-provoking ideas, tell stories, make an impact and bring about positive change. Through the objectives of “build the man, build the community, and transformational relevance, I developed initiatives such as Snippet Stories and Community Finesse, for sharing practical knowledge.

Writing came to me as a place for journaled storytelling, creative expression, and afterward, therapy. With this, I began sharing info-inspirational lessons and discourse that were reflective, instructive, and valuable. I am that person who loves to support and help see others thrive and this is what the blog still stands for today. My tenacity for keeping my eye on the goal, getting things done, and my love for art and innovation has helped me navigate life in a unique way. In 2016, the blog birthed a new space for journaling my transitions and experiences after moving to the US. Today, now represents my portfolio site where I showcase my services and creative eye in photography and mixed media art.

The snippet blog started anew this year, after a long hiatus from the blogging world. So much has changed and I had to pick the pieces back up. During my hiatus, I garnered some work-life experiences and learned through various transitions that realigned me towards a journey to a higher self, purposed to serve and rooted in faith. I am passionate about nurturing creative spaces and healthy conversations for growth and well being. Also dedicated to the process; learning to take it one step at a time on our journeys to becoming. This space serves as a community that fosters on inspiring lifestyles and elevating self-awareness/care practices. You will also find me enthusiastic about minimalist style and image. Here to create and merge actionable insights and style to serve empowered interconnection to a higher life.


We are purposed as extensions of parts and wholes, beyond what we see, called to serve and build.


I hope to connect and interact with people who love taking care, feeling and looking good, creating healthy conversations for growth and well-being, nurturing, and developing themselves just as much as I do.

Welcome, I am glad you found this space. Let’s do great things together. Enjoy.

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Our state of being is a constant journey of who we are to become. In the process of getting there, we should trust the timing of our lives. By taking care and having great courage, patience, and faith. Serving, building up, and developing a higher form of more matured consciousness to living intentionally.

– Enny Cole


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To Be

Will the journey of a thousand mile start within or without?

To discern the workings of time is to be grateful for how far you have come through than to worry about how far you still need to go. Trust your own process. Trust the timing of your life. To do this takes great courage, faith, patience. And one of the things to know first is to understand and accept your own working realities of the time placed before you. The time you are now is your getting ready and it comes with a lot of waiting.

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