• the practices of looking into

    ‘Comfort is overrated, being quiet is comfortable, keeping things the way they’ve been is comfortable and all comfort is done is maintain the statusquo. So we have got to get comfortable with being uncomfortable by speaking these hard truths when they are necessary.’ – Luvie Ajayi

    Finding True Identity

    ─ Questions About Identity Excerpts from Questions About Identity, Enny Cole, 2017. There comes a point in many people’s lives when they can no longer play the role they have chosen for themselves. When that happens, we are like actors finding that someone has changed the play. – Brian Moore. What is identity? It is basically who you are, what…


    Finding Clarity of Process Through Uncertainty

      If you want to own a mansion, start by building a hut. A life of clarity and intention takes commitment, discipline, focusing on what truly matters, and getting rid of doubts and distractions. Clarity makes things easier and when you get clear on where you want to go, the things you need to do, and how you want your…


    Practicing Stillness in 4 steps

    Ever felt like there is more to living than the incessant way the world is moving faster, getting by as quickly as we can because everything has to happen now? Being still is hard but attainable. Why? Because in today’s world, being slow is not so cool. There is timing to life and it can be full when we are…


    7 Cures For A Lean Purse

    From the old blog, Written on June 11th, 2016. Bansir, a chariot builder has a conversation with his friend Kobbi, a musical person. They bemoan the time and effort which they used to build up their skills and become one of the best chariots builders and one of the best musicians yet they are still poor. They determined to go…


    The Fig Tree

    Extracted from Snippet Stories on Sundays, old blog post, written on Aug 23rd, 2015. Tayo looked up to the fig tree that stood opposite his father’s house and expressed disapproval. He knew what would happen once his father got back from his trip. The tree had disappointed him again. For over three years, this tree had refused to bear any…


    To Be

    Will the journey of a thousand mile start within or without?

    To discern the workings of time is to be grateful for how far you have come through than to worry about how far you still need to go. Trust your own process. Trust the timing of your life. To do this takes great courage, faith, patience. And one of the things to know first is to understand and accept your own working realities of the time placed before you. The time you are now is your getting ready and it comes with a lot of waiting.

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